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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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#. it was quick, but today's storm packed a serious punch, and left major damage behind. winds reaching 60 miles per
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hour, injured several people at the prince georges county fair. across d.c. and virginia, the wind knocked down trees and utility polls. torrential rains and 60 mile an hour winds ripped through d.c., maryland and virginia. trees and power lines were toppled as this storm blew through the region. 50,000 people are without power in d.c. 70,000 are in the dark in virginia, in maryland, 20,000 have no electricity. we have team coverage tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has more on the aftermath. crews are on the scene right now. do they know when power will be back? >> reporter: well, we just talked to pepco moments ago, they're saying they hope to have 90% of customers back in service by monday. that's the latest again from
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road as you mentioned. the lights you see here some are vehicles, the road is closed. off in the distance you can see crews are here, they've been here for about the last half hour, they'll be working throughout the night to try to get the lights back on. people try to salvage what they can after a severe storm ripped through the jazz festival near the key bridge. emergency officials say one worker was hurt when the stage collapsed. these women were selling jewelry. >> oh, my gosh. >> what happened. >> all our stuff blew over. >> what was the wind like? >> we were in the car and it was shaking. >> it came through so fast. we couldn't see nothing. lots of wind and rain and that was it. >> the storm hit with very little warning, blowing over tables and tents. up to 500 people were at the festival and ran for cover. >> it was smooth and all of a sudden, it was like somebody
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opened fire. >> reporter: a photographer took this iphone video on the key bridge as wind gusts rocked the car. drivers were stuck in traffic. some seemed to enjoy getting a rain soaked workout. >> are you really jogging in all this? >> you bet. >> reporter: at the fair in upper marlboro, a dozen people were hurt, four of them hospitalized after a near stampede. several hundred people rushed the doors of the show place arena, to escape the striking storm. >> the people knew that they were being evacuated, told to evacuate, evacuate for a reason, and they knew the reason. they could see the reason. there was an emergency to leave the open air and get undercover. >> reporter: fierce winds caused a couple tents to collapse. >> it just came out of nowhere. we're trying to close up the stage and it took two of us to hold the doors open so we can
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fold everything back together. >> reporter: a large tree fell on an apartment building and all across the region, thousands are without power. on a positive note. call it the calm after the storm, a picture perfect sunset over the capitol. that was a gorgeous sunset. since we started talking to you, another truck has shown up here on the scene here in camp springs. we talked about some of those injuries at some of the fairs going on today. the good news is that no one was seriously injured. reporting live from camp springs, darcie spencer news 4. >> high winds toppled trees across our region. take a look at this large tree. it came down in rock creek northwest. took down some power lines with it. d.c. police responded to the scene to block off the street in repairs can be made. you can hear the wind blowing and the rain coming down in sheets. local residents say the storm
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didn't last long. but as derek ward reports now, the damage it left behind is significant. >> the storm moved quickly, but the damage will be there for a while. homes, cars, trees also victims to the wind and rain. some of the most severe of the damage in the district happened right here at the corner of 4th and h northeast. a roof of the building under construction came off and did some damage to an adjacent building. people and businesses across the street got outside just as it was happening. they could hardly believe the luck that no one happened to be on the sidewalk when the roof came crashing down. >> we looked up and saw the top started coming down pretty fast. we couldn't tell if anybody was underneath, apparently no one was. >> this woman's rental car was, she emerged just in time to see. >> everybody ran to the side window and while we were at the window, we saw this side falling to the corner. but by that time, everything had already crashed in the car.
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>> reporter: in northern virginia, a confirmation that a tornado touched down. >> from khchantilly to herndon. >> reporter: several homes were damaged, two may have to be condemned. fortunately, damage to life and limb was minor. >> i think there was enough warning, most people saw it coming. >> reporter: like the pregnant woman who lives here, she was making her way to the basement as a tree crushed the upper floor. a lot of these folks are just starting to get their insurance claims from a few months ago. now more damage. nothing on that scale, but they have a while to fully rekov cov now to silver spring where a large tree was knocked right on to this home. two people inside were not hurt. one of their cats was missing for a while. the storm descended on d.c. pretty quickly, caught some
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people by surprise in northwest. they ran for cover as they got soaked by the downpour around 4:00 p.m. today. d.c. wasn't the only area hit by severe weather. this unusual sight in new york city where two tornados were spotted this afternoon. this is video of a funnel cloud that touched down in brooklyn and queens. shot by a driver on the parkway in brooklyn as that tornado crossed the road. witnessed say missed hitting cars by a matter of feet. after a wild afternoon, things do seem to be calming down tonight. let's go right to chuck bell with more for us. a very busy day for sure today. the list of wind gusts across the area is long. i compiled some of the top finishersen on the list today. andrews air force base, 59 miles an hour. quantico 58. rosslyn 52 mile per hour gusts.
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dulles airport 57 miles per hour. even annapolis, 40 mile per hour gusts. reagan national about 42 miles per hour. an inch and a third in places like winchester, burke and frederick maryland getting about an inch. it's going to be a lot nicer around here tomorrow and the week ahead. i'll give you the forecast coming up. water was pretty choppy on the potomac even before the storms rolled through this afternoon. 19 people had to be rescued when their boat capsized around 2:00, near potomac park only some of the people on the boat were wearing life jackets. fortunately, all of them made it out of the water safely. witnesses driving by saw the boat turnover. heard people screaming and they ran to notify park police. >> maybe 15, 20 people were there, everybody was on water, and they began to just scream
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help, help. >> police were able to rescue everyone, no one had to be hospitalized. the boat was towed to dry land. after making a big impression this week at the democratic national convention. julian castro hits the campaign trail in virginia. he's not the only one in the commonwealth this weekend. in sports,
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so the 9:15 meeting looks like it's going to start a little late... um, but i uh...
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(interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. president obama had a high profile surrogate on the campaign trail for him today in
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virginia, julian castro attended a kickoff in alexandria. he was the keynote speaker at the convention in charlotte earlier this week. he talked about why president obama deserves a second term. >> there's no question, it's a close race in virginia. i believe what's going to tip the scales is president obama's commitment to creating opportunity and economic prosperity. what he has done already, 30 straight months of private sector job growth. what he wants to do in the florida, where he was joined by future. >> the president spent the day in the battleground state of that state's former republican governor charlie crist, who's endorsed the president. republican presidential nominee mitt romney spent the day in virginia as well. he started his morning at the military aviation museum in virginia beach. he talked about yesterday's job numbers report. he also made a stop at the nascar race tonight in richmond. new nonprofit in prince georges county makes its debut. how it's working to get young girls in the area interested in sports.
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bank statements and other personal documents went right into the shredder today. people brought their documents by the car load to the community shred it, prince georges communities college. it's always a popular event. stopping identity theft is a matter of community safety. the prince georges women's lacrosse association is trying to spread their game to young girls in prince georges county. the new nonprofit held the event
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today. tracy wilkins emceed today's event. and as you can see, that was earlier in the day. where the skies opened up over much of our region. it was a quick transition too. the sun was out, everything was good, we had our first thunderstorm morning for martinsburg, west virginia at noon. once we got the warnings going, it was katie bar the door around here. severe weather warnings, plenty from 91 all the way to the chesapeake bay. tomorrow will not be a repeat performance of today. nobody really wants another one of today. outside we go, a very warm day. out ahead of the front. boy, did we surge in temperature. 91 degrees. our high temperature today, as far as rainfall amounts at the three major reporting airports. about a half inch at reagan, almost a half inch at bwi.
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91 degrees, we just keep adding on those 90 degree days for the year. that may be it. i see no 90s anywhere in the forecast coming up the next seven to 14 days. 68 degrees in washington, with a brisk northwesterly wind. current temperatures low to mid-60s pretty much everywhere. the real thing you're going to notice tomorrow is how much lower the humidity will be. dewpoints dropping back into the 50s and 60s, that's the cool dry comfy air that you're going to love tomorrow. baseball weather, first pitch 1:35, 77 degrees. near perfect, nowhere near as hot or humid tomorrow. here it is on radar, the last of the rainshowers working out on to the eastern shore. rainy night along the coastline. for us, just spits and drizzles around here. the cold front itself is working its way down through parts of eastern north carolina. if i pull this all the way out, you can see the actual cold front itself from marblehead, massachusetts off the coastline,
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down through cape hatteras, north carolina, all the way down toward tallahassee, florida. that's one solid line of cold front that brought us the severe weather, brought new york city the severe weather as well. that cold front now work its way off the eastern sea board, good riddance to it. as it pulls out, the clearing begins. during the day tomorrow, the cold air is spilling in on the northwesterly breeze. mostly in the mountains of pennsylvania and west virginia tomorrow. not looking for much, and tomorrow will be little five minute rainshowers with the sun on either side of it, no severe weather. a beautiful sunny stretch comes our way as we get into early next week. tonight, cloudy skies, the rain and drizzle coming to an end. cooler and dryer by morning, startoff temperatures 55 out west to 64 bayside. tomorrow, i think you'll appreciate the change. clouds around in the morning, plenty of sunshine coming up, and again, can't rule out a little five minute shower in the high terrain. that's about it. highs tomorrow, mid to upper
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70s. jim, i know you're a fan of something to complain about. can you find anything in that 7-day forecast to complain about? >> yes. >> what would it be. >> not enough rain. >> we do still need the rain, but that is one legitimate complain the. >> you're calling me a complainer? >> who's katie anyway. >> she's barring the door. coming up in sports, we hear from steven strasbourg on the earlier than expected shutdown. the terps looking for revenge.
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chuck said i'm a complainer, that i have things to complain about. >> now you're complaining about strasbourg. >> well, we knew the season was going to be cut short. >> yes. >> but the end comes early, it's still a shocker. >> maybe next season we can start him later. >> now he comes up with these great ideas. steven strasbourg's year is over. he will not make his final start in new york on wednesday. they're shutting him down. he's done after 159 1/3 innings, a 15-6 record and a lot of what ifs. this is not his choice, he made that very clear tonight. >> i don't know if i'm ever going to accept it, to be honest. it's something i'm not happy about at all. that's not why i play the game, you know. i play the game to obviously be a good teammate and win.
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and you don't grow up dreaming of playing in the big leagues to get shut down when the game starts to matter. it's going to be a tough one to swallow. like i said, all i can do is be the best teammate possible for these guys. >> this game's 90, 95% mental. and he's only human, and i don't know how anybody can be totally minimally concentrating on the job at hand with the media hype to this thing. and i think we would be risking more. >> so strasbourg is out. but just in time, ryan zimmerman bobblehead day at the ballpark. the kids love it. pick it up bottom 8, nats down 6-3, a.j. ramos, facing zimmerman. it's your day, why not? a two-run shot, his 20th of the
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year, and that brings the nats within a run. but middle of the night, the rains would come. and as you guys know, it would stay a two and a half hour rain delay. it felt like forever. they do come out and they do come back on. werth shows the few fans still in attendance that it was worth the wait. he drills this one deep to center. the dugout going wild. we go to extras. bottom ten, nats looking to complete the comeback. cory brown sends this one to right. and john carlos denton drops the ball. ian desmond scores the game winning run. after almost six hours, nats get to celebrate 7-6 the final. rubber match tomorrow at 1:30. orioles fans backing their birds as they battle the yankees for the a.l. east lead. j.j. hardy at the plate.
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hardy, he is fataking it to rig. nick markakis hustling in to score. o's up 3-2. that was as good. and here is the bad. markakis takes a 93 mile an hour fastball from c.c. sabathia off his left hand. a broken thumb, he will miss six weeks. o's go on to win 5-4 are back atop the a.l. east with the yankees. beware the fury of the turtle. the terrapins remember all too well how they were embarrassed last year at home by temple. a 38-7 loss. today in philly at lincoln financial field, the terps exact some sweet revenge. they came in as double-digit underdogs. that hurts, but this makes them feel a little better. second quarter, tied at three, the freshman qb. perry hill drops back, and finds matt ferstenberg.
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later in the quarter, play action, going for more, a deep ball to marcus leak. wide open in the end zone, 32 yard touchdown, hills would add a rushing td as maryland led 26-3 at half time. game over, right? wrong. temple just down nine in the fourth. fitzpatrick races 328 yards for the score. on the ensuing maryland possession. shutting the door, begins maryland the lead. that is your final. maryland improves to #-0. already the same number of wins as all of last year. to charlottesville, virginia cavaliers hosting the nittany lions. first road game for them since the scandal. watham's up 10-7.
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nittany lions take the lead. michael rocco, their leading qb leading a late drive, takes the snap. finds jake mcgee in the end zone for the touchdown. uva takes the lead late in the game, not over for penn state. driving down the field sam ficken their kicker can win it with the field goal. wide open, ficken's fourth miss on the day. that is your saturday sports. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans?
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hey tommy, tommy, you rolling? over here, over here, you creeper! hey. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you doing? this is pat sullivan coming at you on


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